Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 3: Baked oatmeal loses its charm


The meal:  Dry cereal (mix of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Cinnamon Life, and granola), pineapple chunks, Greek yogurt (I split a single-serve container of peach-flavored yogurt between the two of them), and milk.

What they ate:
Big R ate most of the cereal, a cup of milk, and all of the pineapple and yogurt.

Little A ate a bit of cereal, all of the yogurt, and most of ½ cup of pineapple.  He asked for milk but then didn’t drink it, so it went back in the fridge for lunch.

My notes: Today Ryan asked NOT to have the rest of the Baked Oatmeal for breakfast.  Hmph.  I’m not if this signals that he doesn’t much like it, or that he just likes to have a say in what he’s eating.  Sometimes Little A chows on the cereal; today he didn’t.  Ah well.


The meal:  Leftover spaghetti and meatballs, broccoli, clementines, milk

What they ate:
Big R ate a generous pile of spaghetti with sauce, one meatball, a clementine, two broccoli florets, and drank a cup of water.

Little A ate about ½ cup sauced spaghetti, one meatball, half a clementine, and drank his milk.

My notes:  Pretty good, although I realized after lunch that I forgot to serve Aiden any broccoli.  Not that he would have eaten it…


The meal:  Chickpeas in tomato-feta sauce; brown rice pilaf; green salad; applesauce; milk.

What they ate:
Big R ate a few chickpeas, a serving of pilaf, a large helping of salad, ½ c. of applesauce, and drank his milk.

Little A ate a scoop of pilaf and applesauce.  He asked for cucumber and tomato from the salad but didn’t eat the pieces I gave him.

My notes:  Little A usually loves chickpeas, but did not try one last night.  He was in kind of a mood (“I’m DONE!  Take my food AWAY!”).   I love Near East rice pilaf mix from a box, but I do not love the sodium content, so I’ve started making my own.  Last night I tried making it with brown rice and stelline (little stars) pasta and it tasted really good, though it got a little crisp on the bottom of the pot.  When I get the recipe cooking time down, I’ll share the recipe.

Snacks:  So, on Wednesdays at Big R’s preschool, the “kid of the week” gets to bring in the snack.  Today that kid brought donuts.  “Not Munchkins!”  Big R happily told me.  “Whole donuts!”  Sigh.  At preschool, he had a donut, apple juice, and part of a clementine he brought to school for Share Day (today’s theme was the letter C and clementines are his favorite fruit…he shared a wedge w/ each of the other kids).  For Little A, a Nutrigrain bar.  And Big R and I also spent the afternoon baking soft pretzels.  Big R had about ¾ of a pretzel (they’re big- think Auntie Anne’s) and Little A had about 1/3 of one.

Daily summary
·        Too heavy on the carby snacks today.  I wouldn’t have planned to bake the pretzels had I known about the donuts at preschool.
·        Big R insisted on helping with dinner.  He received a cute Kuhn Rikon kids’ knife for Christmas and did a great job slicing veggies for the salad and stirring the chickpea dish as it cooked.  I like that he can help occasionally!

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