Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who's the "They" in What They Ate Today?

Glad you asked!  The focus of the blog is on the food my two sons eat each day, and my thoughts on how I can improve our family's eating habits.  So, here "They" are!

Big R- My firstborn, a feisty and curious 5-year-old who never met a piece of fruit he didn't like.  He recently declared that he has both a sweet tooth and a "meat tooth."  He'll even show you which one is which.  He loves to help in the kitchen, and sometimes does some menu planning with me.  Big R is a big fan of all things animal, big messy craft projects, and pretending.

Little A- Just 2 years old, he's in possession of a massive sweet tooth and a bucketful of attitude.  If he could eat cookies for every meal he would, but he also loves chicken and fruit.  I worry that he's not as adventurous an eater as his brother was at this age- but every once in a while he'll surprise me and scarf down something that's über-healthy.  Little A loves car, trucks, and all things that go...especially trains. 

And, while my focus is on the kids, here's a bit about the grown-up half of the family:

Stephanie- I'm a 30-something mom who loves cooking, baking, reading, and learning.  I'm also what you might call a recovering vegetarian.  After 15 years of eating no meat, chicken, or fish, I'm veeeery slowly venturing back in to eating some occasional meat.

Mr. H- My wonderful husband who endures and usually genuinely appreciates my cooking.  He's a fantastic parent and partner and I will do my best not to tell any embarrassing stories about him on this blog.  Ahem...not that there are any to tell.  He is condiment-averse and hates eggs.  He is also a kitchen-cleaner-upper extraordinare, which is only one of the gazillion reasons I love him.

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